Monday, March 21, 2011

april showers...bring may flowers

visiting purl soho in nyc certainly gave me a lot of inspiration....and a lot of yarn. according to google the average purchase of the store is approx. $55. yeah right!!!! i have no idea how anyone could walk out of there with only $55. worth of yarn. i would have taken the whole store with me if i could.....and i didn't even get to the fabric. :(

my goal when i went in was to buy a few skeins of "different" yarns that i hadn't seen around here. the lovely girl pointed me in the direction of this skein of silken straw. she began to describe to me how once it was worked with and blocked that it would soften
so i ventured into knitting with this lovely lace with the april showers pattern from purl soho's blog (and trust me when i say that the blog is equally as lovely as the web page).
the pattern called for 3 repeats across the scarf, but i was wanting this one to be a little more narrow and longer so i only did 2 (since i only purchased one skein....and i'm regretting that decision) and kept knitting until i ran out. i think there is about 6 inches of it left.....i got my money's worth!!!!!
when it was all finished it was pretty, but it didn't become absolutely beautiful until it was blocked....and let me tell you....this silken straw is gorgeous!!!!!! i want more more more
finished project is 4.5" wide and 68" long

thanks for stopping by, i'm going to have an update on my first sweater soon!!!
and i have a pair of socks to share

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