Monday, May 30, 2011

rockefellar anyone?

this will always be known to me as my rockefellar shawl, because the first time i wore it was to dinner in front of the statue at rockefellar. In the summer the skating rink turns into an outdoor restaurant/bar. do i have a picture of me wearing the shawl in nyc you ask???....well no! because there seems to only be a hand full of pictures of me in nyc.
so here it is on my front steps. and yes that is sunshine you see. something else that is hard to come by these days.
this beauty was initially going to be all made from madeline tosh lite (which i bought on our last trip to nyc @ purl soho), but when i ran out, i had to add in some fibra natura yummy! which sounds simple right? not in my life..... what a time i had finding something that would make me equally as happy with the shawl as i would have been with my initial plan.

my next step was to add more lace, which was done to help make the change in yarn/color/and texture blend nice with the dreamy madeline tosh. but when i went to add the beautiful border.....the varigation made it look i swapped it out for a ruffled border.
not what i planned, but i love it just the same.

so in the end, i did get to wear it to nyc!
and it will be a lovely piece this summer on those cool nights
(that is if the weather improved enough that we can actually put the winter clothing away)

thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a lovely week and get out and enjoy this little bit of sunshine we are fortunate enough to be getting today!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

sylvi is almost done

the finishing touches are about to go on sylvi! it was a long and winding road, but she is blocking right now. Once she is all dry I will attach the petals and be done!
the only room i was able to have large enough free floor space, that we wouldn't have to step over her all the time, is in the living room (which is under construction). hopefully once she is dry i can get some better pictures of the cables up the back.

life has been busy with all the renovations and trying to get sylvi finished up. next on the list of things to knit, socks for my dad for father's day and rob's sweater.

have a great weekend

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what's new????

things have been even more crazy than usual around here. renovations have been in full swing, and luckily we can slightly see the light at the end of the's fait, but it's there.

as for my knitting, well i still can't put the needles down. and i hope to share some of the things that i have been working on. haven't finished a whole lot as i have a few larger projects on the go.....but i have two shawls to share (once i take some pics).

but first, let me introduce you to "sylvi"

after many many attempts, i finally have 2 sleeves and 2 fronts to put together. elizabeth had sewn hers together to make it look more like the jacket that it will be i joined along....and i am so glad that i did, cause it made my sylvi mojo soar!!!!!
check it out!!!
here is the back

off to knit up some more of the back!
thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my first 2 attempts at shawls.