Monday, July 11, 2011

sock it to me!!!!

if i make something for one, i have to make something for all....or at least so it seems.
so for my sister b-day i made her a pair of socks from zauberball, and since Rob's oldest loved the colorway so much....I made her a pair of ankle socks

so while these were being knit up, i tried my hand at hand dying yarn. and made these for my son who was anxiously awaiting something from the colorful yarn that he had spotted drying.
so i made these.....
and when Rob's middle daughter saw the boys "rainbow socks" (as he likes to call them) she wanted a pair too. so to prevent confusion i knit her up a pair from another "rainbow" type colorway
and then Rob's youngest had to have a pair too.....she wanted a black pair, but since I would find that too painful to knit.....she got these
so in a little over a month i got 4 pairs ready for the during all this i made a pair for my dad for father's day.....and a shawl.

all in sock knitting is to just find the time to knit myself a pair

Sunday, July 10, 2011

my cladonia is complete

yesterday was the big day! i wore my new shawl for the first time
here is the cladonia all finished!!!
i had a capped sleeved with it, and the madeline tosh was so soft on my arms. a true dream to knit with and to wear. really i think my whole stash should be of madeline tosh light!!!!
since this knit up so quick, i am going to start another shawl by the same stayed tuned!!!!

enjoy the sunshine today!!!!
thanks for stopping by

Saturday, July 2, 2011

through the loops

designer kristen kapur sure outdid herself on her shawl cladonia!!!

the through the loops group on ravelry has a summer knit along. each person is knitting the shawl of their choice and the cladonia was mine.

so i had a pattern, now for yarn....well since my favorite shawl is made out of madeline tosh light, and the pattern calls for the tosh light....i dig out my skein of nostalgia. when i bought this yarn i was really on the fence for the color. i coudn't decide if i loved it or hated it. but when i wound it up and began to knit, i knew it was a good choice! i am in love!!!!!

the grey was so prominent when it was in a skein, but now it gives such a beautiful tonal change...almost done my increases and then the lace work begins!!!!

hope all you canadians had a wonderful canada day, and to our friends down south....enjoy your fourth of july!!! i really wish i was in nyc this weekend to celebrate! :(