Wednesday, April 6, 2011

@ 50%

a girl at work asked me to make her slippers.....
so the first one is done, and much like mittens and socks....the motivation is just not there to get at the second one. i really must learn to knit stuff two at a time to help curb this habit i have or rushing through the first and struggling for to tackle the 2nd
thanks for stopping by.....i'll have some more works in progress to share soon!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

sylvi update

well i have the sleeves done. my first attempt landed me sleeves that were too long, so i frogged them back to the increase and made them about an inch shorter for my short little arms. i'm much happier with the end result of the arms!!!!
while waiting for everyone to finish up the arms i started on the front....{{blush}}

well that ended in disaster, because my gauge is all wrong and it was wwwaaaaayyyyy to short. luckily elizabeth volunteered to rip it out for me, she says it is punishment for getting ahead of the game. so i'm going to get some larger needles and do another swatch before i start the front again.

lesson learned!!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my sister's birthday

the other day was my sisters birthday, and i gave her this really cool and funky socks. they were made with zauberball yarn....and a lot of work!!!!
it was hard to give them away after so much work, but when my mom called me and told me that my sister put them on right made it worth it!!!! now my dad is asking for a pair....without the design....and a more manly color. lol

happy 31st birthday jenny