Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympics have begun, and so has the Ravellenics over on Ravelry.
My first project was the Owlie Sleep Sac.
I'm not a fan of Owls, they creep me out a little...but my sister does and she is thought this would be a nice little surprise for her and baby ??

The original pattern called for the sleep sac to be 12" before the decrease, but I took it to 16" at the suggestions of a friend.  Actually she suggested 17-18' but I was afraid of running out of yarn and wanted to medal in the single skein.  

This project in total qualified for three medals
single skein, cables, and baby dressage!!!!  WOOHOO

More to come on my late night 4th medal.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nearing the end.....

The end is near on my Gnarled Oak cardigan that I have been working on for the luvin the mommy hood sweater Knit-A-Long.

After many failed attempts at the button bands, I think I finally got them.  

(since we don't have an Oak tree in our yard, I chose to hand the sweater on our apple tree.....
close enough??  lol)

The details on the collar are hard to capture with a flash, but in all this fog I didn't have much choice.....but I am not complaining about the weather.  Last week I was on vacation and the weather was AMAZING!!!!!  So when Mr. Sun peaks his little rays out for a hello I'll try and get some more detailed shots.

And tonight I picked up the stitches on the provisional cast on I did for the sleeves, and will complete them before the week is out.  I'm right on track for having this sweater completed before the Ravellenics. 

What are the Ravellenics?  Well they are a little competition we are having amongst knitters on Ravelry to celebrate the Olympics.  We each compete in different events and earn medals.  I have a few things planned.....more to come on that!!!  Friday we cast on during the opening ceremonies at 5pm local time!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 2 of the KAL

The summer KAL is well under way over at luvinthemommyhood blog.  My pattern initially called for knitting the body, then the sleeves.  But since I am short on yarn and not exactly sure how I want to do the sleeves so I did a provisional cast on.  And I am so glad that I did, because my next step is to begin the lovely detail!!!  How exciting.

I never knew a sweater could come together so quickly, but I'm guessing that beautiful yarn and a great pattern is the recipe for a quick knit.  All in all I am really excited to wear this.....I'm even contemplating  on holding off starting the Shawl Mystery KAL just so I can get it done.....But we'll see....once the first clue comes out I'm probably gonna cave and start that too.  haha

But my question to you.......

should I knit the sleeves short with a little pleat.....or maybe a tear drop and a little button??

what are you thoughts??

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer KAL update (week 1)

My Gnarled Oak Cardigan didn't get off to such a great start.  I was almost through the first ball of yarn, when I came to the realization that it was HUGE!  so after a phone call and some thread posts I frogged it back......5" of work...gone.

But I am so glad that I did!!!!  I went down a needle size and a sweater size (what woman doesn't love that??) and now the sweater is shaping up lovely.  Plus it is a much tighter knit which makes happy.

I am just a few rows from my second decrease....and the end of my second ball.....little afraid of running out of yarn....I'm going to have to stick with the plan of short sleeves.

Make sure and check out the sweater KAL over at the blog, the sweaters people of knitting are all making their way onto my "to do" list.

Have a great night and happy knitting!!!!