Saturday, July 2, 2011

through the loops

designer kristen kapur sure outdid herself on her shawl cladonia!!!

the through the loops group on ravelry has a summer knit along. each person is knitting the shawl of their choice and the cladonia was mine.

so i had a pattern, now for yarn....well since my favorite shawl is made out of madeline tosh light, and the pattern calls for the tosh light....i dig out my skein of nostalgia. when i bought this yarn i was really on the fence for the color. i coudn't decide if i loved it or hated it. but when i wound it up and began to knit, i knew it was a good choice! i am in love!!!!!

the grey was so prominent when it was in a skein, but now it gives such a beautiful tonal change...almost done my increases and then the lace work begins!!!!

hope all you canadians had a wonderful canada day, and to our friends down south....enjoy your fourth of july!!! i really wish i was in nyc this weekend to celebrate! :(

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