Monday, July 11, 2011

sock it to me!!!!

if i make something for one, i have to make something for all....or at least so it seems.
so for my sister b-day i made her a pair of socks from zauberball, and since Rob's oldest loved the colorway so much....I made her a pair of ankle socks

so while these were being knit up, i tried my hand at hand dying yarn. and made these for my son who was anxiously awaiting something from the colorful yarn that he had spotted drying.
so i made these.....
and when Rob's middle daughter saw the boys "rainbow socks" (as he likes to call them) she wanted a pair too. so to prevent confusion i knit her up a pair from another "rainbow" type colorway
and then Rob's youngest had to have a pair too.....she wanted a black pair, but since I would find that too painful to knit.....she got these
so in a little over a month i got 4 pairs ready for the during all this i made a pair for my dad for father's day.....and a shawl.

all in sock knitting is to just find the time to knit myself a pair

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