Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what's new????

things have been even more crazy than usual around here. renovations have been in full swing, and luckily we can slightly see the light at the end of the tunnel.....it's fait, but it's there.

as for my knitting, well i still can't put the needles down. and i hope to share some of the things that i have been working on. haven't finished a whole lot as i have a few larger projects on the go.....but i have two shawls to share (once i take some pics).

but first, let me introduce you to "sylvi"

after many many attempts, i finally have 2 sleeves and 2 fronts to put together. elizabeth had sewn hers together to make it look more like the jacket that it will be someday.....so i joined along....and i am so glad that i did, cause it made my sylvi mojo soar!!!!!
check it out!!!
here is the back

off to knit up some more of the back!
thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my first 2 attempts at shawls.

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