Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gnarled Oak Summer Sweater KAL

I've got big big plans brewing for summer knitting.  Yesterday someone posted on Ravelry asking what we were going to be working on during the summer.  My answer was "Ravellenic's" projects.  Over on Ravelry we are doing projects during the of today though, things have changed.  I was reminded of a shawl KAL I am participating in (more to come on that) and then I stumbled up this sweater KAL though a friend of mines blog Celtic Cast On.

So now I have a lot going on.  

Wanna see what I choose to work on.....

I'll be using a yummy yarn by Madeline Tosh....not sure if I will have enough yarn in my stash....but my plan is to make the sleeves last....fingers crossed!!!!!

you can check out my project page here on Ravelry


  1. Oh I totally want to knit that sweater! One day right? It's probably one of the only sweaters I've ever seen that I want to copy down to the yarn mods for me when I make it, which means I should start saving for the yarn now :)

    Excited to see your progress and I'll have my fingers crossed you have enough yarn :)

    1. thanks, it's going to be close...even with making it short sleeves. save your pennies ( I know I had to!!! LOL) and come join the KAL with us

    2. I am, just knitting Umbrellas this time :) Maybe next summer I'll have sweated and saved enough to make the Gnarled Oak :)

  2. The detailing at the top is sooooo pretty! And it looks like it'll be fun to work, too. I'm stoked to see your progress with it!