Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hand dyed high dive

Today we attempted dyeing yarn with Kool Aid, and I must say, it was so easy!!!!

The smell is much sweeter than using vinegar too.

We had two sock blanks, and we each dyed one for a pair of socks for the other person.  This is the one that my little guy made for my socks.  They have a heart, a sunshine, and grass.  He tried to write mom, but only got the "MO" he changed it to "MA" and I just have to read it twice for "mama"

I love how he calls me mama....some nasty little girl at school who likes to say mean things to him told him that he was a baby for calling me that......she is not very nice!!!

My socks for him will have a hidden message in them also, I always sing "you are my sunshine" to him, so I used an abbreviated version of the song.  However leaving out "me" in "you make me happy" was an error.  woops.  And I always call him my baby boy.  The top is hard to read, but it is his name.

Here they are ready to be heat set.......

and the finished project

These have been deemed our Thursday socks.....I'll have to get knitting them right away, he is super excited to wear them.

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