Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One sweater down.....

Here is my first sweater for the summer sweater KAL at blog.

The Gnarled Oak Cardigan from the Coastal Knits book was such an enjoyable knit.  I used Madeline Tosh DK in the colorway "Byzantine"....and couldn't be happier.  This sweater blocked beautifully too!!!

When I started the sweater I was affraid of running out of yarn, so I had planned to make it short sleeves if I ran short.  In the end I still had over a skein of yarn left and could have made them longer, but felt that adding a little pleat and sticking with the short sleeves would work better for me. 

The detail in the yoke just makes this sweater!!!!   

It hasn't been sweater weather here lately, but sweater season is fast approaching.....and this will be my go to sweater for sure!!!!!

My neck sweater that is about to come off the needles is also from the Coastal Knits, more on that to come.  Oh, and life has gotten hectic around here....but I haven't forgotten about the Ravellenic projects I promised to share.  


  1. It's beautiful! I'm so jealous! I love that sweater - she's a great designer. Congrats and good luck on the next one!

    1. thank you, I'm excited to get started on the Wildflower Cardigan!!!! it was a fun and fast knit

  2. Looks great Michelle! I think you need modelled shots ;)