Sunday, January 30, 2011

another hat???

yes it's another hat....but with 6 heads to keep warm i have a lot of work to do. this one is for rob's youngest daughter, she requested skulls with bones. there weren't any patterns that i truly loved, so i came up with this one on my own.
it even slouches a bit in the back which i just love!!!!
here it is standing up, i didn't have a model when I took the picture. the yarn is cascade 200 wool and the grey knit up so nice!!!! might have to knit myself a little something grey so i get to use it again.
my next project is to give another pair of socks a try with the zauberball starke 6 yarn in the pink and lime green....these will be for me!!!

hope you all had a great weekend! we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on our upstairs renovations (ps, i hate crackfill dust!!!). only problem is now i have the itch to do more parts of the house. one room at a time i guess.

thanks for stopping by, and have a great night

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