Monday, January 10, 2011

what a weekend......

this weekend I had a plan....and for once, it worked out

my goal was to finish this scarf that i started back in november. it has been a project that i just worked on here and there when my other projects were getting monotonous....seriously though....knitting a scarf is the most monotonous of all i think. (worse than dishcloths)

there is a little story to this scarf, i had seen one similar to this and fell in love. and since i was starting to knit, i thought to myself "i can do that" i did. but not without a lot of frustration. you see, i had no idea how to get a seed stitch to after about 5 failed attempts i think i finally got it!

rob calls this my dr. seuss scarf. but what is a scarf without a hat. here i was trying to get some little projects cleaned up so that i can start my first scarf, and i decide that my dr. seuss scarf needs a hat. so voila! there you have it! slouchy hats are my new fav...and I can't wait to get some wear out of both of these during the next two months of freezing cold temperatures.

i used the briggs & little home spun yarn and no pattern for the scarf. the hat is a slight modification to the striped slouchy scarf that i found on ravelry....don't you just love free patterns!!!!!

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