Friday, January 28, 2011

penguin hat

well my boy sure loves his penguin hat. he was happy to finally get it on and model it for me. the nose was the trickiest part for me, but in the end it turned out ok. the stripped ear flaps are my favorite.....and i even gave pompoms a try
as detailed in a previous post, this hat was made from cascade 200 wool and heathers!

i still have yet to block it and let him wear it, but it will be done this weekend for sure so monday morning he can wear it to school.

next a hat for one of rob's girls, it will again be made from cascade 220 wool. this one will have skulls on it, which was a lot of fun to design.....must get at it.

have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by


  1. What a fantastic and cute hat!!!!

  2. That is the most awesome hat!!! LOVE it!! You should start selling them!! I would soo buy one!