Wednesday, January 12, 2011

fair isle fun

just weeks after starting to knit....i saw this hat done at a lys that is hosting a class....but once again the "i can do that" set i downloaded the free pattern for selbu modern from ravelry and bought the yarn. 3 days later....i had a hat and now know how to knit fair isle. it was a little tricky at first, but with some help from youtube i think i got the technique down.

this was my first hat, first fair isle and first time using round needles.

for this hat i used berocco ultra alpaca in the cream and purple.....and what's a hat without mittens??? well they are in the works. i am using a patons pattern for the mittens and i'm attempted to adapt it into the pattern from the selbu modern hat. wish me luck, i'm confused already!! haha

then i fell in love with this silk yarn from noro, so when i found this pattern on ravelry i knew it would be perfect for this hat!!! so 2 days later i had another hat, which was way to big for even my big head. so i took out the band and tried to redo it, but it is still to big. wore the hat sliding and even time we would hit a bump it would slide down over my eyes. maybe this will be a fashion hat from now on.

here's my 2nd hat, the faux fair isle

the crown of the hat was suppose to decrease longer so it wouldn't be a bunch crown, but i was getting low on my yarn so i had to speed it up a bit. i do like how it turned out though.

my next noro yarn usage is going to be for this lovely hat.....i'm going to use a purple for the band and a lovely pink variegated yarn for the rest....and i see a big brown button on the side to add some pazaaz.

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