Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more hats????

first i would like to welcome my first follower!!!! glad you came over chantal!!!!
totally miss you mon amie, we have to chat soon!

i have to confess, i love making hats. they are quick, and fun! especially with yarn from noro. it is my favorite for making hats. this hat began with the cash iroha yarn (the purple), but i wasn't going to have enough to complete the hat in the robin's egg blue hat pattern from ravelry......so i added the transitions with a little more of cash yarn just because i loved it so much.
not only is the seed stitch band on this hat my favorite, but so is the button! i love the contrast it gives with the tourquois. we'll see how long it last since it is ceramic....maybe i should have bought a back up.

my next hat adventure is knitting a hat for my ds, he loooooves penguins....so it is going to be a penguin hat! this will be my first attempt at knitting without a pattern. a little scary, but it was fun coming up with it on my own. this hat will be made of cascade yarns, the cascade 220 wool and heathers in black, white, and orange. wish me luck, i've already frogged it once courtesy of the future owner of this hat. almost fell over when he had ripped it off the needles during a little game of hide mommy's yarn.....luckily i was able to save the orange band, but the rest had to go!

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